Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mother's Weight Pre-Birth

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Mothers definitely have it worse than fathers pre-birth...

He's due mid-October, so I have no post-birth stats. Thus, I'm starting out with an easy and somewhat obvious one which is the mother's weight in the months leading up to birth.

We don't have good records of her pre-pregnancy weight, but it fluctuated between 95 and 105 lbs. We conceived in January 2015, so we started tracking it at that point. We have roughly one point per month since then.

She had fairly bad morning sickness early on, so she plateaued in weight for a while about 10 weeks in. It ramped up a bit once that settled down, and kept going until she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. There was another slow down as she adjusted her diet, and then it started ramping up quickly in August because she' started retaining water and has experienced extreme swelling in her legs and feet since then.


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