Sunday, March 27, 2016

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Posted by theboat On March 27, 2016 6 comments
Has the mother been able to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight?
The plot at the top, while awesome and xkcd like, is a bit hard to read clearly, so here is an uglier one:
As you can see pretty clearly from it, she returned to her pre-pregnancy weight approximately 24 weeks after birth. She was not very focused on it for the first couple of months post-birth as the caesarean prevented exercise and the baby prevented her from having anything resembling a normal schedule. 

She started back at work in mid-January, and was able to pay attention to it a bit more at that point. She targeted a 400 calorie deficit starting in late January. Based on the data here, she maintained a deficit of just over 500 calories/day from late January to now.

As is also noted, she was able to wear her pre-pregnancy pants starting in early March (she's quite happy with this fact).


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