Saturday, April 23, 2016

Do I take more cell phone pictures now that I have a baby? Do we call family more often? Do we send more texts? Have we become complete isolated socially?

Father's Picture Taking Habits

There are a number of ways to look at how the baby has affected my picture taking habits. One would be content. I ended up being very boring however. The vast majority of my photos pre-baby were either pictures of partially constructed Ikea things so that I can look back to see how to put them together when I move them at a later date or pictures of items in stores that I wanted to add to my next Amazon order. The vast majority of my photos post-baby are pictures of the baby.

Maybe more interesting is the number of photos. There are two plots below that show photos and videos by month:

I obviously take more of both. Another way to present the data is simply 'Total in the five months pre-baby' and 'Total in the five months post-baby'.

  • Photos in five months pre-baby - 47
  • Photos in five months post-baby - 178
  • Videos in five months pre-baby - 3
  • Videos in five months post-baby - 24
From the plots, it's clear that it is starting to taper off. I will update this again in a few months to see if that's a trend and I return to just taking pictures of non-baby things.

Parents' Texting Habits

Our texting habits by month are provided below:

There was a massive spike around the birth because we generally sent news out in group texts, and we continued to text more than the previous year in the months that followed. It's worth noting that these numbers would be wife switched to Line for international texts when he was born and these are not included.

It also looks like we might be returning back to normal now with our number of texts, so it will be interesting to see how this looks six months from now.

Parents' Phone Call Habits

Our number of minutes in phone calls by month are provided below:

Previously, I'd hypothesized that once my wife went back to work, these numbers might increase again. It looks like they didn't really, and we've just become completely asocial outside of our family since his birth. It should be noted that these numbers are again slightly lower than they would be since we video chat to show the baby, but we realistically only do that once a month or so which isn't enough to account for the drop.

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