Sunday, June 12, 2016

We had high hopes that his nap duration would increase...

Since the previous post on napping at daycare, he's switched to a class without newborns (typically 6 months to 12 months in the new class). We'd hoped that since they cry less often, this would lead to longer naps. Unfortunately, his total time spent napping per day has actually gone down from 61 +/- 4 minutes in the last month in the newborn room to 46 +/- 4 minutes in the first two months in the older room.

A number of things could lead to this that we've thought of:
  • he's napping less because he's older
  • he's napping less because the new teachers focus less on it
  • he's napping less because he can sit up and play with toys now
  • he's napping less because the older babies are louder
One thing we tested is in the plot at the beginning, and that's how much the number of babies in the room affects his napping. He is a very curious baby and loves to watch what others are doing, try to talk at the other babies, etc. He is also very sensitive to noise. Thus, it appears that he sleeps less if there are a lot of babies in the room.

It could be that the teachers are more flustered when there are a lot of babies. However...once there are more than 4 babies, another teacher stays with them, so you would think the ideal is something like 6 babies so that you have 3 babies per teacher.

Overall...he's still developing normally and doesn't seem overly exhausted when he gets home. He also naps very poorly at home. Thus, we aren't too worried.


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