Sunday, October 16, 2016

What Baby Products Would We Recommend?

Posted by theboat On October 16, 2016 12 comments

Throughout his first year, we've bought a massive amount of baby stuff. Which items were best and which items do we regret buying?




Bottles: We tried a lot of different bottles and ended up with five different varieties. Our favorite are Gerber and our next favorite are Evenflo. Both brands held up (both bottles and nipples) throughout his entire first year which cannot be said for all brands. The Evenflo ones are available in both glass and plastic.

Safety: How do you baby proof tile floors?. We searched for a while and ended up settling on a rug and Norsk foam tiles. The rug was just ok but the foam tiles are great. These have no odor, are apparently safe for kids, and have held up very well. They are soft enough that a single layer on top of our tile is sufficient protection for him.

Lighting: We wanted to control lighting in his room to get him onto a nice day/night schedule early on. This required dimmable bulbs with adjustable colors. These work exactly as described and I've recommended them to everyone who has asked.

Toys: His favorite toy is this dinosaur toy. He puts everything in it (other toys, his sippy cups, etc.) and it has held up well.

Feeding Items: We've been happy with this rocker.

Health: We've used this to clear his stuffed-up nose many times. Other things (e.g., the little bulb one) we've tried have not worked nearly as well. It's worth warning that he cries whenever we use this though.

Do Not Recommend


Bottles: Playtex bottles. Ours leaked very quickly.

Sippy cups: This sippy cup ended up being too heavy and hard to use for our baby.


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