Sunday, January 31, 2016

Breaking Down the Costs of Childbirth

Posted by theboat On January 31, 2016 1 comment

It's often very difficult to figure out how much things cost in the US healthcare system. We broke down all of the hospital bills from the baby's birth in an attempt to shed some light on it.

Total Number of Bills -  14
Total Number of Doctors  - 6
Total Billed - $65687.67
Total Paid by Insurance - $28671.48 (43.6%)
Total Paid by Us - $3827.76 (5.8%)
Arbitrary Markup (amount billed/amount received) - 2.02x, or 102%
Total Billed for Mother - $29938.05 (45.6%)
Total Billed for Child - $35749.82 (54.4%)
Most Expensive Service - Impossible to determine 

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