Sunday, July 17, 2016

What effect has the baby had on our weights after 9 months?

Total Effect

As you can see in the plot, the baby has not caused us to gain weight. I (father) have actually lost a good bit of weight, and the mother has been hovering around her pre-birth weight for the past three months. There are no signs that this will change in the near future, so I'm concluding that the baby did not lead to weight gain for us.

How Did We Avoid Weight Gain?

The baby is stressful and he takes a lot of our free time. We both still work full-time also. Thus...we exercise and cook well much less often than we did before the baby.

Luckily,  all you have to do to lose weight is not overeat. By weighing ourselves periodically and adjusting our calorie intake accordingly, it has been remarkably easy to control our weight. As mentioned previously, the mother actually counted calories from the fourth month to the sixth month to get to her target weight on a schedule, but we haven't been strict with it outside of that. We simply weigh ourselves occasionally...if we've gained weight, we eat a bit less than we were eating...if we've lost weight and didn't want to, we eat a bit more than we were eating.

What Sorts Of Things Do We Eat Though?


Typical day for the father:
  • Breakfast (small bowl of cheerios + half-serving milk + banana)
  • Lunch (turkey and spinach sandwich on wheat + 12 ounce soft drink)
  • Snack (couple of fun size chocolates)
  • Dinner (apple with peanut butter + some m&m's)
Typical day for the mother:
  • Breakfast (slice of bread with peanut butter + banana)
  • Snack (crackers with cheese)
  • Lunch (chicken strips and salad)
  • Snack (yogurt)
  • Dinner (small frozen dinner)
When we do cook for dinner, it's usually something like 'salmon + small baked potato' or 'wheat pasta +  tomato sauce + ground turkey + bell pepper + mozarella'. I will periodically also cook 15 or so servings of something that's good when re-heated (zuppa toscana, jambalaya, etc.) and we will eat it for lunch each day.


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