Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mother's Weight - 16 Month Update

Posted by theboat On March 04, 2017 3 comments
Mother's Weight

Has his mother been able to keep her weight off?

As you can see from the plot, she returned to her pre-pregnancy weight about six months post-birth, and has kept it off for roughly a year since then. There's been no real secret to her maintaining her weight. She weighs herself periodically...if she's above her target weight, she eats slightly less until the next weigh-in...if she's below her target weight, she eats slightly more until the next weigh-in.

As I noted in a previous post on this, a milestone for her was that in March of 2016 (six months post-birth), she was able to wear her pre-pregnancy pants again. I also noted that she controlled/planned her diet from January to March 2016 to lose weight at a controlled pace and you can clearly see that here.

For completeness, I've included a plot of my weight below:

Father's Weight

I've lost a bit of weight during this process. It wasn't an active attempt, but I have greatly reduced my workouts so I'm not overeating to maintain muscle mass, and I also tend to lose significant weight when stressed and a baby does increase stress levels.

I would assume going forward things will stay pretty much the same. The most stressful periods were immediately post-birth. It's gotten easier since then. He's also a lot more active now, so we move much more than we did when he was a newborn.


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