Wednesday, December 9, 2015

8 Week Update on Mother's Weight

Posted by theboat On December 09, 2015 2 comments
What effect has the baby had on her weight post-birth?

Just before giving birth, her weight dropped slightly. I'm not certain why, but we were fairly successful in reducing her leg/feet swelling a couple of weeks before birth, so it might be related?

She obviously lost a large amount the day of the birth with the baby (6 lbs 13 oz) coming out along with everything else involved with giving birth. Since then, she's maintained a reasonably healthful diet and recently started exercising again (she took ~6 weeks off from exercise to let the wound from the cesarean heal). At this point, she's started using light weights and doing vigorous walking. In a few more weeks she should be able to jog and use heavier weights again so the decline in weight should continue.

She will likely not get down to her pre-birth weight until she stops breast feeding simply because her breasts are significantly larger and add a non-negligible amount to her weight. We will continue to post updates, and if anyone is interested in her diet and/or workout plan, feel free to ask and I can do a later post on that.

Finally...I've added a combined graph with my weight because I wanted to play around with custom legends for plots in python...


  1. You have been making good progress and I am sure that if you are keeping the routine you are able to get the weight that you want to have. I have been doing the same to lose my weight.

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