Sunday, December 13, 2015

Is it possible to maintain a video game hobby with an infant?

I've enjoyed video games as a primary hobby for most of my life, so I was very worried that I'd have to stop playing them after he was born. I didn't play them non-stop, so I've just done less of some other hobbies that I use to kill time (watching tv primarily, but also reddit, playing on hackerrank, etc.).

A sample list of games that I've found are very easy to play while also playing with him are:

- Europa Universalis IV
- Total War series (Rome 2, Medieval 2, and Empire)
- Cities: Skylines
- Fable Anniversary
- Magic the Gathering DOTP series
- Brutal Legend

A few games/genres that have been difficult:

- Assassin's Creed series
- racing games
- first person shooters

I often play them with him in my lap sleeping, feeding, or just hanging out, so I would have a lot of trouble playing any real-time online games (an example of one that I used to play that would be difficult is Payday 2).

Baby captivated by my EU IV game

I'm planning to pick up Fallout 4 in early 2016 so that one might be the first one that I really want to play that is difficult...I'll post another update on this in a few months. Strategy, particular turn based, is my favorite genre though, so he hasn't really affected my video game playing very much.

For reference, I have a gaming laptop, a Wii U, and an Xbox 360.

*Note that the main image for this post is an in-game screenshot of one of my Cities: Skylines cities*


  1. I will be interested when the baby's old enough to engage in the games, and how this mutually affect both of you... as an example, I stumbled across a free online game "Skrillex Quest" at one point which was tame enough to share with my kids. After watching me play a few times, the kids got hooked on the skrillex sound track, and subsequently the game. We eventually had to cut them off from the game. This marked my youngest kid's first video game addiction at ~2 to 3 years old. Almost 3 years later he still brings up the game, and continues to ask me to play his favorite skrillex songs that were cemented into his young memory.

  2. I'm a bit nervous about how that will affect what games are harder to play because of the content as he grows. I don't think of Skyrim being particularly graphic, but my brother forgot that it opens with a guy getting beheaded and was showing something in it in front of his three year old who for a couple of days after kept screaming about the guy getting his head chopped off.

    I might be asking you for recommendations in a year or so...

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