Sunday, December 13, 2015

How did the mother's diet change because she's breastfeeding?

My wife was very concerned about how breastfeeding would affect her diet because she's Indonesian and really loves spicy food. While pregnant, she limited her spicy food intake slightly (roughly once a week) because she had gas and heartburn issues.

After birth, she tried out different foods that she was concerned about, and so far has had no issues with them. Specific foods that she has eaten multiple times while breastfeeding that (perhaps surprisingly) caused no problems are:
  • Hot, spicy food - hot wings (volcano and mango-habanero from Buffalo Wild Wings for reference), hot peppers (hot thai food and jambalaya with habaneros and serrano peppers), and spicy sausage
  • Other spicy food - onion and garlic most often
  • Dairy - she gets 2-3 servings of dairy a day (milk and cheese)
  • Eggs
  • Broccoli
  • Leafy salads
  • Wheat - she eats wheat bread every day
  • Peanuts - she eats peanut butter every day and raw peanuts a few times a week
  • Corn
There was one week where we ate spicy food more than usual and he was gassy (roughly one month old at that point), but he's able to fart easily now and seems to have no issues at all with her diet. This obviously doesn't mean that these foods are fine for everyone, but she is very happy that she can eat whatever she wants (*minus drugs and mercury) and still breastfeed. Thus, the baby has had no effect on what foods she can eat.

*Note that this image is "Habenero roast" by Jpmizell at English Wikipedia*


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